what is cerflon®?

CERFLON® is a ceramic-reinforced fluoropolymer (PTFE). The patented CERFLON® FluoroCeramic technology increases the lubricity and durability for lubricants and coatings! The chemical compound, Boron Nitride, is added to the fluoropolymer PTFE (also known by the DuPont registered trademark Teflon®). Not only is Boron Nitride the only material known to fully reinforce PTFE, in fact, in a 4 Ball Wear Test (an industry standard test that measures the wear protection of a fluid on a metal surface), a base oil compound with CERFLON® scores 15% better than a base oil compound in PTFE alone. Download comparison of solid lubricants testing >>

With over 25 years of experience in solid lubricant and colloidal dispersion technology, only Ceramic Reinforced Technologies brings you this “Next Generation” of lubricating technology.

professional applications

professional applications

Depending on your specific carrier requirement, concentrated CERFLON® dispersions are available in Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Mineral Spirits, Hexane, Water, PAO, Ester and Canola Oil formulations, to suit all solid lubricant applications:

  • Aerosols
  • Penetrating fluids
  • Engine oils
  • All moving mechanisms
  • Release coatings
  • Dry film lubricant
  • General purpose lubricants
  • Gear lubricants
  • Chain/conveyor lubricants
  • Metalworking/stamping
consumer applications

consumer applications

This state-of-the-art lubricant additive reduces friction, as it increases load carrying capacity and durability. In addition, CERFLON® technology provides superior penetration and longer lasting adhesion to surfaces when compared to PTFE alone. CERFLON® delivers superior performance when compared to PTFE, Graphite, Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS₂) and Boron Nitride at no additional cost. In fact, in most cases it costs less!

  • CERFLON® reduces Friction
  • CERFLON® solids are not consumed in use
  • CERFLON® can operate in dry conditions
  • CERFLON® is not black like Graphite and MoS₂
  • CERFLON® absorbs shock and prevents wear through vibration
  • CERFLON® increases load capacity

how is it used?

CERFLON® can add wear resistance, non-stick or low friction benefits to everyday items. Leading brands like Liquid Wrench®, Starbrite and Slick 50 utilize CERFLON® to enhance their formulations.

what people are saying

“For many years, RSC Chemical Solutions, a division of Radiator Specialty Company, has commercialized new lubricants and greases using CERFLON® solid lubricant technology. Our liquid lubricants are offered in both aerosol and dropper-bottle versions under the Liquid Wrench brand.  They are complemented by a full line of Liquid Wrench greases.

Next-generation CERFLON® technology was chosen for these advanced lubricants and greases because of its superior lubricity, stability, durability, and anti-wear properties. Nothing we have seen comes close to CERFLON® performance

Larry G. Beaver, Ph.D., Vice President, Technology RSC Chemical Solutions


cerflon manuals

CERFLON® Introduction Booklet image description download
CERFLON® Market Scale Analysis Booklet image description download
CERFLON® Why Cerflon® Booklet image description download
CERFLON® Chronological History image description download
CERFLON® Solid Lube Comparator (France) image description download
CERFLON® Solid Lube Comparator (USA) image description download

product & Safety data sheets

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