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What is Cerflon®?

CERFLON® is a ceramic reinforced fluoropolymer. Fluoropolymers are a unique class of plastics known for their excellent heat and chemical resistance. They consist of very long chains of carbon atoms either fully or partially surrounded by fluorine. The carbon-fluorine bond is one of the strongest chemical bonds known. Fluoropolymers are used in a wide range of applications in chemical process, electronics and life sciences industries.

A reinforced fluoropolymer occurs when Boron Nitride, which is stronger and tougher, is introduced into the matrix of the fluoropolymer as a “filler” material, thereby “reinforcing” the polymer. This addition of very fine particles of Boron Nitride significantly increases the durability or wear properties in both films and coatings of fluoropolymer. The increase in durability also provides a longer lasting lubrication benefit. Additionally, since Boron Nitride is, by itself, an excellent lubricating agent, it appears that the fluoropolymer acts as a binder to keep both the fluoropolymer and the Boron Nitride at surfaces that require boundary lubrication.

Boron Nitride is the only material known to fully wet certain fluoropolymers, in particular, PTFE also known by the DuPont registered trademark Teflon®. Boron Nitride reinforcement also assures that the electrical properties and the reactivity of the composite remain unchanged regardless of the amount of filler applied. Thus, fluoropolymers reinforced with Boron Nitride have a much broader useful application range.

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To view the Cerflon® PowerPoint Presentation, click here.

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